WonderPatch FLEX 3" x 6" Hole Repair Patch

WonderPatch FLEX 3" x 6" Hole Repair Patch

Midwest Ranger, Inc.

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The Quick Permanent Fix for Holes in Flexible Material or Contoured Surfaces.

WonderPatch FLEX™ uses a patented 3M bonding adhesive. Make easy, permanent repairs on any flexible material or contoured surface.

WonderPatch FLEX™ is perfect for:

  • Corrugated Trailer repair
  • Curtain Side Trailer repair
  • Van Truck Body repair
  • RV repair
  • Utility Trailer repair
  • ATV Bodies and Fender repair
  • Tarp repair
  • Translucent Roof repair
  • Tent repair
  • Wader repair
  • Camper Shell repair
  • Canoe and Boat repair
  • HVAC Duct repair
  • Vinyl or Aluminum Siding repair
  • Rain Gutter and Downspout repair


  • 1 - Translucent patch 3" x 6"

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Made in the U.S.A.!

WonderPatch FLEX™ benefits:

  • Extreme Bonding to painted surfaces, glass, most plastics, rigid or flexible surfaces, fiberglass, and clean metal.
  • Not Gooey! 3M™ adhesive will not come off onto hands or clothing.
  • No Mixing of 3M™ adhesive - just peel and stick.
  • Quick & Easy installation in less than 10 minutes.