WonderPatch FAQs

How long must I wait before using something I have repaired with WonderPatch™?

Usually, you can use it right away. The space age adhesive we use (3M™ VHB™) utilizes mechanical bonding to link the adhesive into the microscopic irregularities in the surface of the item being patched. This mechanical bonding sticks well right away but also gradually gets much stronger. This curing is influenced by temperature. At higher temperatures, WonderPatch™ reaches maximum adhesion sooner. Full bond is normally achieved within 72 hours.

Is there a best temperature for application?

WonderPatch™ and WonderPatch FLEX™ are tolerant of a range of temperatures.  For initial application, it is OK to apply the patches at temperatures as low as 60 degrees but initial bonding will be somewhat weaker and full bonding will take longer to achieve.  If the patches and the surfaces that will receive the patches are not at least 60 degrees, try to heat the surfaces to be patched AND the adhesive side of the patches using a hair dryer or hot air gun before applying the patches.  Once full bond is achieved, the patches are not sensitive to temperature at all.

If I must remove it, how do I get WonderPatch™ off?

When fully bonded, WonderPatch™ and WonderPatch Flex™ cannot be removed without destroying the patch and possibly the patched item as well. You will first need to peel off the aluminum skin of WonderPatch™ by cutting through the adhesive foam using a flexible blade, a hot wire, an air chisel, or other similar method. You will leave behind on the patched surface some of the adhesive. You can grind that off with a porous abrasive disk or wheel or it can be removed using a special solvent.

Are there any surfaces to which WonderPatch™ does not adhere well?

Nearly all rigid materials are a good match for WonderPatch™. Flexible materials are usually a good match for WonderPatch FLEX™. Plastic items that feel "greasy" to the touch, are generally not a good match for either product. Call us for more details if you are uncertain.

Can the WonderPatch™ be painted?

Yes, the WonderPatch™ can be painted by following these instructions.

The special white finish applied at the factory is designed to withstand harsh weather and road grime as well as strong detergents. Therefore, you will need to be careful in applying other paint to the surface to get good results. If you can spare the time, it is easiest to paint the patch before you apply it so you won’t need to mask it off to avoid overspray. If you must delay the painting, there is no harm done; just follow these directions later.

  • Be sure the liner is fully in place so that the adhesive is not exposed.
  • Rough up the factory-applied surface using fine (150 grit or finer) sandpaper. It is not necessary to completely remove the factory-applied finish.
  • Wipe the surface of the patch with paint solvent or alcohol to remove any dust or sanding debris.
  • Paint the patch surface with high quality aerosol paint using several light coats rather than a heavy coat.
  • Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.